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Let’s Talk Science!


Jacks of Science is an informational website covering anything and everything SCIENCE, gaming, the internet, and assorted info-morsels.

We aim to provide simple and easy-to-understand answers to questions rooted in science.

We refer to ourselves as Jacks of Science due to the fact that we love all science in every aspect.

From small studies of molecular atoms to large scientific explanations for volcanoes, mountains, and tsunamis…big or small if science is a part of it, we will cover it.

Helping give you basic solutions to complex studies.

“Explanations to questions rooted in science. Explained in a simple and easy-to-understand manner”

What is the Purpose of Jacks of Science? 

The Jacks of Science website was developed to provide easy-to-understand answers to questions rooted in science on all sorts of topics.

From chemistry to physics, technology, animal species, human anatomy, psychology, the universe, and more.

Anything that is based in science is a topic we strive to share vetted and researched answers to. 

How does Jacks of Science help me answer questions?

Wide Range Of Topics

ChemistryAnatomyAstronomyGeneticsGeologyOceanographyPhysicsZoologyPaleontologyPsychology Earth ScienceArtBiologyBotany – More!

Science is everywhere around us.

Even the bottle of water you are drinking out of has some elements of science to it. That is why Jacks of Science can cover such a large amount of material because science is everywhere. 

Our Scientific Team is curious by nature so we ask ourselves many questions all the time.

We help our readers answer questions that we have had ourselves at some point. We take methodical approaches to answer questions for an audience across a wide range of educational levels. 

Whether you have a Ph.D. in astrophysics or are just conducting your very first experiment for a school assignment, Jacks of Science has the answers to your questions. 

Easy To Understand Answers

Explain It To A Child

So much material out there on the internet is convoluted and difficult to understand.

Our goal is to do the opposite.

Jacks of Science was built to provide simple answers to complex questions. Even if the topic is fairly complex, we aim to break it down into bite-size pieces that everyone can comprehend.

Unbiased, Real Research

It’s hard to know the real from the ‘make believe’.

Sometimes publishers share information with little to no research or experience on a topic. 

Jacks of Science leverages a team of scientists and science enthusiasts with deep passions for the subject matter to ensure we are providing the very best solutions and answers to everyday questions.

No one on our team knows everything about every subject.

But collectively our ‘jack of all trades’ Team of evangelists can unify the vast scientific landscape to help answer the questions across many topics

The revenue model for Jacks of Science is ads but we do not work directly with advertisers.

Ads you see on Jacks of Science are served by third parties — advertising networks who act as middlemen between publishers like Jacks of Science and advertisers.

Each ad is actually served after a real-time auction where hundreds of advertisers compete to show that ad to that user at that time. All of this happens automatically and programmatically without human involvement.

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Jacks of Science – Simple Answers to Questions Rooted in Science

Jacks of Science is a team of scientists, entrepreneurs, explorers, and curious-minded people. We aim to answer all of life’s questions from simple to complex, especially when science is involved in the answer.

While our focus is on biology, the animal kingdom, human anatomy, strange-but-true facts, physics, chemistry, and the solar system, no subject matter is too extreme for our team.

We cover a wide range of categories to answer as many questions as we can. 

Jacks of Science focuses on simplicity.

We want our explanations to be easy to understand, concise and appropriate for all ages to comprehend.

We believe the questions that we have are all important and if they are explained in an easy-to-digest manner they will help people understand and educate themselves further.

If our answers and articles help to groom the next generation of scientists, that would be a huge success for our publishing team!

If you’d like to collaborate with us please contact us at:

Jacks of Science

Meet the Jacks of Science Team

Ewin McMann, Jacks of Science, Managing Director

Victoria Pompey, Jacks of Science, Content Director

Marisol Arke, Jacks of Science, Editor-in-Chief 

Deborah Levey, Jacks of Science, Managing Editor 

Dr. Sasha Corum, Jacks of Science, Senior Writer

Dr. Keith Chen, Jacks of Science, Senior Writer 

Taylor Blake, Jacks of Science, Staff Writer

Jason Goins, Jacks of Science, Staff Writer


Jacks of Science

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