Jacks of Science Staff Writer – Taylor Blake


Taylor is a long-time tenured Staff Writer on the Jacks of Science team.

She has been paramount in the diversity of scientific categories J.O.S. can cover.

While Taylor’s specialty is in astronomy and physics, she loves diving into more ‘ground’ things here on earth too.

Flying to the stars?

Taylor Blake knows her way around.

Not only because she holds a record-long career as a Staff Writer on the Jacks of Science team, but also because she goes beyond mere analysis.

Whilst breaking into new perspectives on space and discovery, Taylor underscores her roam with down-to-earth pursuits; no apathetic bystander when it comes to science!

Swirling whirlwinds of data and facts keep her mind preoccupied – all performed with clear ambition, remarkable insight, and good singing voices (at least that’s what we tell her).

Taylor always used to be drawn positively to outer space. The limitless stars, galaxies, and solar systems had her engrossed in research light years before she arrived at Rice University.

Taylor found her pulse racing when delving into such cosmic mysteries as our universe’s boundless depth. A metaphorical sky was the limit for the investigations and ventures she wanted to conduct.

Taylor is prepared to take her astronomy extravaganza career even further now that she has been working with the Jacks of Science team for over 4 years.

Her astronaut-ship may entail work never imagined before!

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500 S Australian Ave – Ste 600.
West Palm Beach, FL 33401