Common Ion Effect

Do you know what the common ion effect is? It’s a phenomenon that occurs when two different types of ions (atoms or molecules that have an electric charge) are combined. Let’s discuss the common ion effect in detail and provide some examples. The common ion effect occurs when two solutions that are different in the … Read more

How Is The Moon Illuminated

How is the moon illuminated? The moon has been a source of fascination for humans since the beginning of time. How does it shine? Why is it different colors sometimes? Allow us to illuminate you on how the moon is illuminated and why its appearance changes over time! The moon is illuminated by the sun. … Read more

Why Is Mars Red

There are many questions that still remain about ‘the red planet’. One of the most puzzling is why is Mars red. Theories abound, but there is still no consensus on what the true answer is. Let’s blast-off and review some of the possible explanations for why Mars is red. Mars is red because it is … Read more

How Long Is An Eon

An eon is a really long time. But how long is an eon, exactly? Scientists have different ways of measuring the length of an eon, and it can be tricky to compare different time scales. Because of the complexity, there are various definitions of an Eon but we are going to answer the question: how … Read more

Sunrise Vs Sunset

Sunrise vs sunset Two very different but equally beautiful times of the day. Which one is better? Can you tell them apart? Are there differences in the rise and setting sun? We’re going to take a closer look at both sunrise and sunset and see how they differ from each other. Sunrise and sunset are … Read more