Jacks of Science Staff Writer – Jason Goins


Jason is the newest member of the Jacks of Science Staff Writing team but brings a surge of knowledge and education with a background in human and animal anatomy as well as a passion for paleontology and all things from the Mesozoic era.

During his off-time, Jason is often learning new techniques for fossil discovery with his favorite prehistoric beast being the Pachycephalosaurus.

Jason Goins, your resident Jack of Science staff writer, is an education nut who campaigned for school reform even before he had kids! 

Having earned his degree in Atlanta at GA Tech, Jason is fascinated with the badlands of dinosaurs and life itself. 

You see, this “brainiac” loves exploring concepts he deems enriching or engaging, either in science form during his lab studies or in the exploration of fatherhood with immeasurable love that only a dad can have for his mini-me’s and wife of 9 years.

Jason is so into paleontology, it’s no wonder the dinosaurs want to stick around.

His main area of research during his time at the Georgia Institute of Technology was herbivore diets…and eventually how they impacted aggression and behavioral patterns when compared with carnivores.

Guess you could say that the science of ancient attractions has followed Jason to the present day – thanks to a normal and healthy obsession with all things dinosaurs.

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500 S Australian Ave – Ste 600.
West Palm Beach, FL 33401