Editorial Process

The J.o.S. Editorial Process 101

The below non-exhaustive outline is required for every article published on our website.

Jacks of Science’s objective is to provide easy-to-understand answers and explanations to complex scientific scenarios. In order to provide simple-to-digest answers to complicated topics, we must first and foremost ensure the information we are providing is accurate, honest, and validated. 

That is why, oftentimes, you will see us linking out to the sources of the information. 

While our exact editorial review criteria are more extensive than the below list, this should give you a general idea of our internal process for crafting, validating, and publishing the information on our website:


Our research team collects information on the given topic. Vets the source for accuracy and reliability. Once cleared, it is then compiled for our writing team.


The topic is assigned to the member of our writing team that possesses the greatest knowledge of the subject matter and begins to draft an outline for the article. 


As the article progresses from idea to framework, to completed draft, each of the next stages includes the article being approved by the editorial team. Rather than having the editorial review take place only once, and only once the article is complete, is approached in sprints (milestones) so any corrections, edits, or adjustments can be made early on.


If at any point in the above cycle, the article is found to not pass the given stage, the article is put on pause until the current stage has been cleared. Again, our strategy is not to be the fastest to publish, but to be the most accurate and dependable for our readers…even if this takes longer than expected. 

Accuracy of information is paramount and this is achieved through our editorial process.

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