Jacks of Science Senior Staff Writer – Sasha Corum


Sasha is a Senior Writer at Jacks of Science leading the writing team.

She has been in the scientific field since her middle school years and could not imagine working in anything other than molecular atoms, kinetic energy, and deep space exploration.

Dr. Corum has had her work featured in various print and online publications over the years with her most popular piece covering the First Law of Thermodynamics and ionization.

Sasha Corum is a Senior Writer at Jacks of Science and leads the illustrious pack that adores all things scientific writing.

Dr. Corum’s love for the scientific field started in her youth and has been an entrenched passion ever since.

Between whipping up captivating articles about molecular atoms, mastering her kinetic energy, to labeling the wonders found in chemistry, Sasha embodies everything and anything science related.

No wonder why she brought notoriety to many prestigious print and online chemistry publications including a feature article involving – The First Law of Thermodynamics.

With her probing explanation on ionization, we think Sasha’s encyclopedic mind makes her an elemental asset to any scientist worth their salt.

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