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Learn more about Jacks of Science expert staff and team members.

Jacks Of Science’s writers are industry experts and professionals in their respective scientific fields.

All of our writers and our editors are passionate about scientific discovery and research. While they may be experts in different fields, they all have a common goal of strengthening the scientific community. 

A commonality amongst all of our J.O.S. team members is their obsession with science, questions, and curiosity. 24/7 our staff finds themselves thinking about how the earth (and everything on it) works, functions, and operates…this hunger to answer the mysteries of life, is what drives our team to produce the best scientific content.

Dr. Keith Chen – Senior Staff Writer

Keith is Jacks of Science authority on chemistry and all things science. He is currently a full-time scientific analyst focused on chemical engineering, organic chemistry, and biochemistry. Keith has held roles such as chemist, engineer, and chief technician.

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Dr. Sasha Corum – Senior Staff Writer

Sasha is a Senior Writer at Jacks of Science leading the writing team. She has been in the scientific field since her middle school years and could not imagine working in anything other than molecular atoms, kinetic energy, and deep space exploration.

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Taylor Blake – Jacks of Science – Staff Writer

Taylor is a long-time tenured Staff Writer on the Jacks of Science team. She has been paramount in the diversity of scientific categories J.O.S. can cover. While Taylor’s specialty is in astronomy and physics, she loves diving into more ‘ground’ things here on earth too.

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Jason Goins – Jacks of Science – Staff Writer

Jason is the newest member of the Jacks of Science Staff Writing team but brings a surge of knowledge and education with a background in human and animal anatomy as well as a passion for paleontology and all things from the Mezoic era. During his off-time, Jason is often learning new techniques for fossil discovery with his favorite prehistoric beast being the Pachycephalosaurus.

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Our Editorial Process is the backbone of our company. 

JOS Editorial Process:

Rather than cutting corners to publish new information as quickly as possible, we take the ‘slow and steady’ approach to each of our publications. 

Before seeing the light of day on Jacks of Science, each article is carefully reviewed by our internal editing department. Each editorial must pass a series of preliminary qualifications before it is published live. 

Read more about our stringent research, publishing, and editorial standards:

J.o.S. Editorial Process

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