How to be a pro player?

How to be a pro player?

The easier your strategy is, the more comfortable you can win 

When entering the battle, try dividing your dot into 2 or 4 parts and try to avoid as far as possible other players for about 20 seconds. Then try to do everything to gradually attract other round spots when you’re old enough to eat smaller or closer dots. Whenever you see the cards trying to connect, you should move closer to where the players are trapped or about to take your piece to attack them.

Besides, moving the mouse to the center of the cells to connect them is also an effective way to help you win easily. When you are old enough, your dots will automatically attack and eat everyone who is chasing you. Although this is quite unlikely when you do, it is beneficial.

The virus is a portion of “delicious food.”

Nothing is stopping you from eating a virus when your circle is divided into 16 cells. However, before eating these viruses, you need to consider whether they are at least 130 (or 10% larger than the virus). When all conditions are met, your dot will receive 100% of the weight from the virus.

The virus will be able to feed you back, and if you eat it, if you try to eat the virus, do not divide it into 16 cells. At that time, you can only reach ten blocks. Players will also be able to consume the red virus if you have one of the 250 volume cells (greater than 10% later). When you eat a red virus, you will gain 200 volumes from it.

The virus is also quite good.

If you feel it is dangerous to be surrounded by enemies, get up close, or try on the opposite side of the virus so that you are no longer an attractive target for your enemy. Because you know the infection will cause the cells to break down, and it is not suitable for it to intentionally eat the virus.

The edges and corners are more dangerous than you might think.

In the worst case, you are stuck in a corner, and the enemy is always near to eat; you try to stay calm and find a way out for yourself. Besides, you should not move into the corners if you do not want any exit or become a prominent dot if you do not want the game to end.

Make full use of everything you have

Agar (gelatin capsules made from red seaweed) is always a lucrative bait for every player. If you want to eat all of them, then you need to take advantage of the initial speed and try to find areas with few enemies to eat these pellets and grow faster. Then continue to eat, so that you are old enough to compete. After getting old enough, implement the strategy that you initially set out to win.

Learn to attack

When your dots reach 266% mass compared to other dots, learn how to separate them from consuming them. When you want to destroy other dots, your weight needs to reach at least 10%. You should also note that your power needs to be 33% greater when splitting your dot than the dot you are targeting.


By using the above tactics, you will have significant playing experience and easier. You can also become formidable opponents in the game Take advantage of everything you have to become a