Jacks of Science Blogging Experiment Failure

Jacks of Science is a bit of an experiment.

I hypothesized that the site would become a flourishing group science blog as far back as 2006.

To observe this desired blog state I devised a simple theory. I would mix a solution from a staff of student bloggers in different fields such as Physics, Biology, Geology, and Chemistry.

Would I be able to find reactants that formed a homogeneous mixture or a highly reactive substance on the brink of explosion?! Even if I found writers that worked coherently together, would I continue to get decent results over time?

I figured that the greatness of Jacks of Science would be directly correlated with post-diversity. Many authors would lead to diversity in post-subject matter, writing style, humor, complexity, geekiness, and length. However, in theory, things are much different than in experiment. As you may have noticed, this diversity of authors ended up just being a diverse range of posts authored by me. I didn’t follow through on my original plan of finding other writers since I was busy trying to become a better blogger myself.

The original intention of the site has been lost but, 102 posts later, as my domain renewal date draws nearer, you’re looking at the results of the Jacks of Science experiment. Full of random art doodled on my class notes (which now includes my 1st and 2nd year!), to pro-piracy open science discussion, to science DJ mixes, to my most popular article: Science Valentines.

So I’m trying to draw some conclusions about the data so far. As far as the traffic indicates the site is growing in popularity but I’m just not sure if things are working out. Blogging is a lot of fun, but the Jacks of Science initiative, as originally imagined, has been stagnant for some time. It doesn’t seem to be going anywhere for a variety of reasons off the top of my head.

No clear audience that I’m writing for!
No incentive for new writers to be part of the site!
I can only post once a week by myself (quality over quantity)!
Science is boring (and thus cannot reach a wide enough audience)!
My single-column blog theme is too narrow!
So the Jacks of Science domain expiry date is June 8th, does anyone have any suggestions or should JOS expire peacefully on its 2nd birthday? Comment or email me at science AT DOMAIN NAME jacksofscience DOT com
Perhaps I should start fresh on a new blog of my own (just imagine “Jack of Science” blogging about about normal things too). Perhaps I should contribute to an existing blog? Perhaps quit blogging and focus on real hobbies that make you money like wood carving or online poker? Perhaps quit using the internet altogether! OMG, this is turning into my quarter-life crisis, help me out!