Fringe Pilot: A Ten Million Dollar Remake of X-Files



Fringe Pilot

Lost is over until 2009 and Battlestar Galactica followed suit last Friday. So what the heck am I going to watch on TV for the rest of the year?

Most likely J.J. Abrams new Sci-fi series: Fringe. The 2 hour premier, leaked 2 months ahead of time, with a 2 x 5 million dollar budget, so I thought I might as well give it my 2 cents. Especially since the “Fringe” in the title refers to …FRINGE SCIENCE!

As noted on Wikipedia, fringe science is a bit classier than the pseudoscience which science bloggers love to hate. It’s supposedly “legitimate” research using the scientific method but in a context which deviates from the mainstream beliefs. Not generally a crowd you want to fall in with but you can’t argue that it makes good television, just look at the success of Heroes and X-Files!

Speaking of those shows, if you’ve watched them, then you won’t be surprised by the premise of Fringe. There’s some ___insert shady organization___ covering up ___insert controversial research___ and it’s up to ___insert protagonists here___ to unravel the mystery.


I hate to spoil anything plot-wise, but, I have yet to see a major difference between this show and your standard X-Files episode. It just seems like an updated X-files with a less likable cast. Some notable differences include:

  • Weird giant floating 3D letters instead of classy typewriter-style letters.
  • Introduction has words like “Dark Matter” and “Nanotechnology” instead of “Paranormal Activity”.
  • Lead actress character isn’t as hot as Scully, Lead(?) actor isn’t as hot as Mulder.
  • Larger special effects budget means more goriness, but less creepiness.
  • Aliens replaced with mad science experiments gone wrong (just a theory).

Fringe: stereotypical scientist

At least they got one thing right about the stereotypical scientist, they sure love their coffee!

Based solely on J.J. Abrams work with Lost and the words that fly by in the introduction of this show I’d say this show has some serious chemical potential energy. I’ll reserve judgement until I see the first season, but Sci-fi fans should be all over this.

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