Flappy Bird and all the things you should know



Flappy Bird is an interesting game that created a new push and a stir of public opinion in the world in 2014. This so cool game was created by a young Vietnamese developer named as Nguyen Ha Dong, published by a small studio called as dotGEARS, and first released in May 2013 on iOS5 platform.

You can try the game helicopter games, the game is easy to play and does not require any high skill of the player but addictive as flappy birds.

flappy Bird and all the things you should know

Everything was very ordinary until January 2014, this game suddenly became extremely popular and consecutively gain the first position on many reputable and famous rating boards in the world. Moreover, it even became the most downloaded app on the App Store and Google Play when receiving up to 50 million downloads and created a new push in the games industry park. However, just twenty-six days from the day this game became popular, on February the 10th 2014, it was also suddenly shut down just by its developer – Mr. Dong Nguyen. So, what happened to flappy bird, what happened to flappy bird creator, and what happened to flappy bird app? This article will mention in detail these issues. Let’s continue reading to learn more!

What happen to flappy bird?

In fact, Flappy bird is really an addictive game because it is very simple and easy to play but extremely difficult to master. The game is presented in a side-scroller in which the player controls a bird, trying to pass all the green tube rows without touching them. Nguyen Ha Dong created Flappy Bird within a few days by using a bird character that he had designed for a canceled game project in 2012.

flappy Bird and all the things you should know 2

As mentioned above, everything would be so ordinary if this game hasn’t become so popular in early 2014. It gained the first position in iTunes App Store for the free series game of US, China, and then on the UK App Store and was dubbed as the new Angry Birds. By the end of January, Flappy Bird was the most downloaded app on the App Store as well as on Google Play when received up to 50 million downloads and 48 thousand reviews. Just because of its suddenly popular, people paid attention to it and there were a lot of issues and questions given revolving around it such as might it plagiarism in graphics and game mechanics by using the green tube like the one in some games of Nintendo or using the visual of a bird that was designed like the bird in the super-attractive game Mario? In addition, the income of the developer Dong Nguyen raised up to $50.000 per day caused by this game was also a big problem that attracted the attention of many people.

Moreover, there were so many opinions about the issue that might Nintendo prosecute Mr. Dong Nguyen about copyrighting infringement at that time. However, after that, the representative of Nintendo told that Nintendo has no intention of suing Mr. Dong Nguyen.

What happen to flappy bird creator?

flappy Bird and all the things you should know 3


With all the happen revolved around Flappy Bird, more than everyone, Nguyen Ha Dong, the author of the game had to face lots of complex trouble. So, what happen to flappy bird creator?

In fact, he has faced a lot of pressure from the public because there were a lot of criticism for his game that is plagiarized from Nintendo’s Mario games, some claim that the game was too hard, made the player feel so angry, and addictive. He even had to face the risk of being sued by Nintendo at that time.

In addition, besides lots of bad problems, Flappy Bird also helped Mr. Dong Nguyen earn the huge number of money, up to $50.000 per day from advertising. This money is so big for a game developer like Dong at that time.

What happen to flappy bird app?

On February the 10th 2014, Flappy Bird was shut down and removed from both the App Store and Google Play just by its developer – Mr. Dong Nguyen. In fact, some hours before that, Mr. Dong had said on his twitter that he was so sorry Flappy Bird’s users, 22 hours from then, he would take Flappy Bird down and he couldn’t take that anymore. He also said that he removed the game not because of worry about being sued about copyright issues, but because of the addictive of the game.

Why was Flappy Bird removed from App Store and Google Play?

After the sudden decision to remove Flappy Bird from both App Store and Google Play, there were a lot of opinions to explain for this decision of Mr. Dong Nguyen in which, there were four main reasons that could satisfy the public at that time.

First of all is the legal issue: The plagiarism in the graphics and game mechanics of Flappy Bird surely was a big problem that made Mr. Dong decided to remove this game. Because at that time, there were so many rumors and negative comments from both experts and users about this problem. Moreover, because of earning the huge number of money, he had to face lots of trouble revolving around tax.

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In addition, the pressure from the public to the author of Flappy Bird – Mr. Dong was also an important reason that made this game has been removed. He himself said that he had been received a warning mail from Nintendo. Moreover, there were too many criticisms and negative about the game made he did that.

Finally, some opinion told that the action of removing Flappy Bird from App Store and Google Play right when it became extremely popular and attracted the attention of the public of Dong Nguyen was a wise action. These people told that by removing the game, Mr. Dong can attract great attention for his next game and people will buy his new game and make him richer because they fear that he will also delete the game.


Above are all the information about Flappy Bird and the issues revolved around this so cool game. Hoping that this article brings you lots of interesting and useful information. Thank you for reading!

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