Top greatest science fiction games ever



For decades video games have offered fantastic escapes into detailed and memorable science fiction (sci-fi) worlds. But which stand out in our memories? Which sci-fi universes have we enjoyed poring over the most? Below we’ve compiled 5 of our favorite sci-fi gaming worlds.

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1. Bioshock

Science is seen as the double-edged sword of mankind. It’s because if one does not know how to use the brilliant accomplishments of research to serve the betterment of human life, science will eventually go down, creating a dark nightmare.

The city of Rapture is a proof of the game. The risk of misuse of science has ruined Rapture, but perhaps it is from the understanding of past mistakes that humans can reach a brighter future.

2. Fallout 3

The nature of war never changes. Those who claim to be fans of the Fallout brand know this famous slogan. In fact, the history of mankind has been associated with countless cruel and destructive battles.

The extremist notions of opposing forces led to two world wars of heavy casualties. However, that does not mean anything compared to the fate that game developers want to say in Fallout 3.

After the remnants of the earth’s surface from the nuclear war, human beings have reconstructed their lives. The image in Fallout 3 really portrays a desolate world, gloomy exhausted vitality. It will become a reality if people do not know how to make decisions. Thousands of years of civilization will be erased, and humanity will return to the feathering of the dark hole.

3. Mass Effect

Considered to be the best quality game brand in Bioware’s time, Mass Effect idealizes human development to the supreme level. No longer has to worry too much about the fundamental survival problem as before, humanity has advanced to the point of concentrating on space exploration in the vast galaxy.

In the mystical universe, there are still many hidden secrets, and this is one of the reasons why the content of Mass Effect is extremely exciting.

4. Dead Space

The most neglected corners of the universe are not ignored by game designers. Bring on the elements of the horror genre, but through it, Dead Space captures the loneliness of the battle between the dangers of space.

If the galaxy always contains wonderful wonders waiting for humans to discover, Necromorph certainly is not on the list of wonders. The monster represents an inevitable danger that can happen at any time in the future, as well as the challenges that humans have to face.

5. Transformers: War for Cybertron

With its monumental texture, the Transformers giant robot warriors can easily overwhelm the most difficult gamers. While the technology for developing robots is in fact only a step backwards, in the Transformers brand, you can look at the perfect machine of destruction, far superior to any modern military equipment.

Not only that, the artificial intelligence system as in Transformers is really worth learning, so it will help a lot in the field of science. It would be great if in the future, such transformers could actually be made to serve people.

There are lots of examples of great sci-fi games that didn’t feature especially memorable world And likewise, there are some game worlds included here that sadly didn’t have high-quality games doing them justice, but the worlds themselves still displayed a lot of promise.

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