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Happy Wheels is the most popular free game with bloody but also very fun game by Jim Bonancci. It is just about how to reach the goal by using a variety of different vehicles. This unique ragdoll physics game has been around since 2010 to the delight or dismay (depending on who you talk to) of people all over the world.


Enjoy the full version of Happy Wheels Unblocked At School And Every Where

If you have not heard of Happy Wheels, you must have been living under a rock since this continues to be one of the most hyped indie games on the planet.

Because of the engaging, thrilling action which it offers, players find it extremely difficult to stop playing it once they get the hang of playing it. In fact playing this game is very simple and all it requires is the use of a couple of keys and thus it is popular across all age groups.

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Happy Wheels: How it is played?

Playing Happy Wheels can be ridiculously easy or extremely top depending on what type of gameplay you are looking for. Although there appear a lot of host sites, you can only play the full version of game on Jim Bonacci’s site. The great new is that the game is completely free regardless to where you play.

It is simply to choose your character or the race and then level you want to play in order to get started. Currently, Happy Wheels has six million user-generated levels to choose from. The list races include ten different types you can play as:

  • Wheelchair guy (the original)
  • Segway Guy (think Paul Blart)
  • Irresponsible Dad or Mom (kid on the back of parent’s bike)
  • Effective Shopper (lady with a motorized shopping cart)
  • Moped Couple (love on wheels)
  • Lawnmower Man (this one never gets old)
  • Explorer Guy (a guy in a mine cart)
  • Santa Claus (a holiday edition that is still a favorite)
  • Pogostick Man (imagine the possibilities)
  • Helicopter Man (with magnetic power)

The player is easy to choose the way they want to play via setting up their own controls on the keyboard. The left arrow key is to help lean back while the right one is used to lean forward. You can move forward by clicking on the up arrow key and move back by the down arrow key. Press the space bar to go full throttle. Use Ctrl switching and for other acts and hit Z to break free of your vehicle

The goal of the game is to reach the exit of each level. Though you may not make it there in one piece, as long as you are still dragging your spine behind you, you win!

If playing the game is not enough fun, users can use the level editor to create their own obstacle courses for Happy Wheels players to enjoy and then rate. The editor is fairly easy to use and features drop down menus that allow users to place shapes, boundaries, obstacles and triggering events to create unique levels for others to try.

Other way to enjoy the game is using the Happy Wheels unlocked games hack that can bring a lot of free map. Once you go through all the unlocked map you will never want to play any other game again. The fact is that the game is free to download but you still have to pay to unlock maps and then can have the hack in handy.


If you are looking for a hilarious way to kill your time, Happy Wheels may well be what you’re looking for. It’s easy to see why if you are someone that does not mind a little gore with your humor, you would find this game quickly becomes addictive!

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