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Seri Five Nights Freddy may be a little bit new to the mobile gamer in Vietnam but in contrast to the international players. The game is highlighted by the impact it has on the player, so that after the fourth part is the end of the game, the player still wants the game to be extended. Keep on reading to explore its reasons.

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How to play:

The story begins at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza, which attracts children as there are three employees, especially three Robin bear who can sing. But at night, when you take on the job of looking after the store, you will discover a horrible truth, that is actually they can move.

In this first part, players will experience a feeling of low anxiety, not knowing where the robots are, whether they will jump out and when, not how much power to spend, not Attack them … make them desperate and helpless in the dark.

Next in the second version, players will go to another branch of Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza, but this is an isolated and deserted shop. This place also has a bunch of other robots, gentle in the day and sow horror at night.

At 12pm, they will begin moving, their goal being the office where the protagonist is observing through security cameras. This time there will be no security doors, but you will be given a Freddy Fazbear head that will help you dress up when attacked and hopefully they will look wrong.

The fear in this game is pushed higher than the first game, when the player knows the robots will come but cannot do anything to stop, can only look through the two small eye socket of the bear head and pray. Maybe it was so horrible that the Pizza … was closed in part 3. This scene moved to a 30-year-old amusement park called Fazbear’s Fright. However, the park still contains the remnants of the restaurant, and of course, the ruins still live.

Some part in old game are be kept unchanging, you are still a security guard, still sitting in the office with the CCTV, still have nothing to defend, still praying for the morning sky. But this time you can control the sound system, the windscreen to distract as well as block them, prolong the time as well as prolong the horror.


Compared to the previous two, Part 3 seems to give players more tools to defend. However, careful review of this defense is too weak, over time it is only a matter of time, this result as players more desperate, feeling like I was just delaying the inevitable death only. Especially the scene when you lose, a disgusting robotic face hit the screen, most likely will startle you drop the phone.

Part 4 requires the player to thoroughly use the hearing system to listen to the smallest static, watch carefully around, especially the dark corner, wardrobe, under the bed … if you do not want to lose. If you detect them remotely, they will not attack, if they get too close, then the last light you see is from the two spooky eyebrows.

Just to play through the part, players will not be afraid to find the rest to harm your heart, because Five Nights At Freddy’s own simple gameplay but strange attraction, maybe because it hits the curiosity of each person, always wondering what is waiting for them in the dark. The graphics of the game is not really shimmer, but portray the horror with every detail is amazing, more than enough to make players startled.


This is a great game for Halloween season, if after playing the fourth part you still have not satisfied to play, we have good news for you. Scott Cawthon said the upcoming game will have a session MMORPG to rejoice this series for fans.

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