Fallout 4: Boston After Dark Quest Guide



Boston After Dark Fallout 4 is a Railroad optional quest and it will automatically be unlocked after you have done the Tradecraft quest. In this quest, you will work with Doctor Carrington, a Synth and an agent called High Rise. The quest rewards include experience, bottlecaps, upgraded sniper rifle and unlock a new quest.

After the Tradecraft quest, you may have received good impressions from two Railroad agents Deacon and Desdemona and they believe you, too. For Doctor Carrington, to gain his trust you have to get his requests done well. Doctor Stanley Carrington is a high -ranking official and a medic of Railroad in 2287. When the Tradecraft quest is done, talk to him to start Boston After Dark Fallout 4 quest. Firstly, he will ask you to pick up a dead drop near Bunker Hill. What is a dead drop?  It is a mailbox with a rail sign on it – for your information. After the conversation, go several streets further to get the package from a mailbox – this place is near the Bunker Hill. Then, enter the Bunker Hill location, search for a man called Old Man Stockton among people there.

Doctor Carrington

Old Man Stockton is the boss of a big caravan business operating and Railroad operative. If you want to complete the Boston After Dark Fallout 4 quest, you must find him. When you talk to him, remember the first reply should be the COUNTERSIGN option, the next all replies should be SPEAK COVERTLY selection.

This manager will ask you to clean out the immediate area of all hostiles – it is a nearby church – the Cambridge church. Go carefully down the narrow and small streets. Watch out because this place may have Super Mutants, Ghouls, and crawling Raiders. Spot nearby enemies by using your VATS. At the Cambridge church, a well-placed grenade can help you a lot with the peers inside. Use the grenade and window to shoot at them from a far distance.

Old Man Stockton

 Once you succeed securing the church – the Raiders are gone, sit and wait there until nightfall and you will meet Stockton again at 11 p.m. Together with him is a friendly Synth, H2-22. Stockton will tell you to escort this Synth safely to a selected location – the Ticonderoga Safehouse. You can speak to H2-22 to know more about the Institute, though he wouldn’t give you much useful information instead of telling you he was a worker there and was treated bad.

Stockton will soon light a lamp in the window to give the all-clear sign, and then he leaves. Now what? Shortly, a Railroad operative named High Rise come to you, actually, he is more likely an agent and the same to Stockton, he cares for escaped Synths and that is why he provides the safe house at Ticonderoga. This guy will assist you through this mission. Believe me, Boston After Dark Fallout 4 has never been an easy task.

In this group of three, High Rise will lead you for about a mile to reach for next destination – Ticonderoga Safehouse. Along the way, there will be some enemies to entertain you and your allies. Don’t worry, your group is not in danger since the raiders are not strong and will not attack you in large groups. Then the road will not be very long and difficult – just like a piece of cake.

Agent High Rise

When you arrive at the Safehouse, have another conversation to the agent – Railroad operative High Rise, he will then take care of the Synth.

The last thing you need to do in this mission “Boston After Dark Fallout 4” is going back to Railroad HD, speak to Doctor Stanley Carrington to complete the mission. Once the Boston After Dark quest is done, a new quest is unlocked – Butcher’s Bill

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