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In Fallout 4, to help maintain the power of Diamond City, study robotics and agriculture, Science! Center – a rusty, old, stuffy and  small building with two stories – is set up. There are a laboratory and a living area here. The owners of this build is Doctor Duff and her girlfriend – Professor Scara. What and who is in this room and what quests are waiting you here? Let’s read now to discover about “Fallout 4 science center”.

Layout and location

“Fallout 4 science center” is a single room located within Diamond City. What is in this room? The answer is it mainly includes four stations on the first floor. There are also several containers and scientific stuff like microscopes. In the four stations, special crafts are created and done. There are many chances to craft in Fallout 4. In addition, the game improved this feature a lot and so, the player is able to set up new settlements.

The Science! Center

Armor workbench: You can use and Armor Workbench to make your armor more suitable for your particular purposes as well as boost its resistances.

Cooking station: After finding various ingredients, you can use the Cooking Station to create cooking recipes. Ingredients mentioned here may included wild plants or meat.

Chemistry station: Competent and useful chems and medicines are created at the Chemistry station. This place is also a settlement item Fallout 4.

Weapon workbench: Most of your weapons received useful modifications here.

Also, on the room’s opposite site, there is a stairway leads up to sleeping quarters, where Doctor Duff and Professor Scara stay.

Inhabitants and related quests

There are two human who works and stay at “Fallout 4 science center”: Doctor Duff and Professor Scara and they are a couple – a gay couple, for your information.

First, let’s have a look at Professor Scara, who is into robotics. She is the head of the Science! Center and quite cold-hearted. Yes, she seems to be unfriendly, impatient and and introverted woman. But she is a very good scientists who gets the attentions and jealousy of the other scientists at the same time. To pursue science, she ignores her colleagues, coworkers and does not interested in the lab’s quality in Diamond city.

One more thing, outside Diamond City, you can meet her at Back Alley Bowling – General Atomics Galleria.

Professor Scara

Doctor Duff’s, on the contrary, is someone open and easy-going and Science!’s Center representative, her responsibility is to communicate with visitors and kids from schools. As a scientist with huge amount of knowledge, she is really willing to talk about it with anyone who share the same interests. She is also a multitasking person who have start and take care of plenty of projects at once. Her main field are biology.

Doctor Duff

Doctor Duff will gave you the Fly Fishing quest of Science! Center. In this quest, you will hunt bloatflies under her instructions to get back a bloatfly gland. All you have to do is to kill the green and brown flies to find the gland, then give it to Doctor Duff. That’s it. Besides being an iteam related to this forgettable quest, bloatfly glands can be used to produce acid. You need a workshop to do this.


Notable loot or something valuable you may collect from this building

On both floors, you can find something includes Rad-X and a RadAway, purified water, a Med-X and a number of stimpaks.

Scara’s terminal key – Doctor Duff drops it on her death. Use this key to enter the terminal of Professor Scara.

On the bodies of this couple you can also find Sciene! Center key. Yes, you are right, it is used for opening this “Fallout 4 science center’s door”.


Inside Professor Scara’s terminal, you can find three dated entries. These entries involve herself, Doctor Duff and Takahashi – the robotic chef. Among these entries, one is related to the arrival of The Prydwen. Before the airship has arrived, this entry can be read.

You cannot kill professor Scara  because she is set is invincible. She may be needed for the questline Brotherhood of Steel.

Only in Fallout 4 does the Science! Center appeared.




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