How I became a programmer!



In this article, I will share my story, from a gamer to a game developer. The process of finding knowledge on the internet to learn how to program yourself.

1. I like playing game

To be able to do something, I thought that I should love it first. As a kid, I like games, all kinds of games from FPS to RPG, from RTS to MOBA. But there is something I feel is not satisfied. How do they make games? How does the game work? Where is the real limit of the game? Was it the creativity of the developer of it?

Boom Online

 (I love playing Boom Online when I was little)

So I went to the internet to find out. I realized that in order to make a game people need to write code, but the next thing that is too difficult for a kid like me. So I have to put aside the dream of making a game.

2. The first programming language: Pascal

The first time I came into contact with a programming language that was about 14 years old. I know pascal very accidental. It’s a pretty easy language to learn, and many countries put it in their curriculum. Unfortunately, since it has been around for a long time, its performance is not high, and if you want to learn more about programming you definitely need to learn another language.

A page that allows coding Pascal online:

Pascal 1

(Pascal’s familiar interface)

So I searched the internet on how to program pascal. You know, the first steps are always the hardest but most interesting steps. I understand how variables, values, functions. And that was the time when I felt the difficulty in programming: It requires precision to every dot, asking patience persistence with many hours to find bugs…

Pascal 2

 (Error is very normal in coding)

The difficulty is that, but pascal is really fun and helped me a lot in the future. If you are looking to learn programming, pascal would be great option. Start with simple problems such as finding variables, and go to advanced ones such as Sort, Use While, If, …

pascal 3

(A typical pascal exercise)

Once you have done many pascal exercises your programming mindset will be better, and it will open up a nice path for future programming. Especially the If statement because when programming with Unity will use it a lot.

3. Game Maker

But once I had (well) mastered pascal, I immediately realized it was more limited than I thought. Especially since it cannot be used to make games. The restriction was so obvious that I was no longer interested in Pascal.

So, I have to find another way. After surfing the internet, I knew to make a game that really needed a game engine. And I selected the Game Maker tool.

Game Maker 1

Link download:

To be honest, the biggest plus of Game Maker is the support for making games without coding. All I have to do is drag and drop. Game Maker is very interesting and is an optimal choice for those who like to make games but limited code ability.

When using this tool, you will also learn how to create a complete game. I know what Audio is, what is Game Object, what is Sprite, What is Scene.

Game Maker 2

 (Only drag and drop can also make the game complete)

Even, it can make the game was famous on the internet: FNAF. However, this is very difficult.

4. C++ and C#

But Game Maker is too hard to build 3d games. And I know if I want to go deeper I will have to break up Game Maker.

I continue to search online to see what I need to do (I also recommend you use google regularly, because it contains the amount of information that I have to say is extremely useful).

So I learned C ++ and C #. In C ++ I’m just a beginner because I feel the application quality is not high, and I want to learn more and moreabout C #.

Learning these two languages is extremely difficult, it is not as simple as pascal, and finding materials for self-study is a torment with hours reading to page 6.7 of google.


(C # is harder than pascal, but overall it’s still easy)

During that time, I used the solo learn application to learn for myself. This is a fairly understandable and useful app, its only limitation is English.

At the same time, I also study this document:

So, I made another step forward.

5. New landing:Unity

I came to Unity by chance. When I was young, I had the habit of saving all my projects into my laptop without backing up anywhere else. And because of an unfortunate incident, I lost my laptop, which meant losing all my projects. Too sad and I learn about Unity. It was a shock that was hard to overcome, but looking through the positive it was the “charm” that brought me to Unity.


 (Familiar logo of Unity)

Unity is a very popular game engine and it is not difficult to find tutorial articles. But as a support engine for both 2D and 3D games, I have to learn a lot of things, so that if you do not know how to filter information, you will find yourself lost in a maze.

The first game I created was a classic role-playing game. Because I was familiar with the game maker so I’m not too familiar with the terms in Unity.

Unity 2

 (Main interface in Unity)

Here, I woult like to share some of my experiences when I myself learned about Unity:

  • If you’re a beginner, start with simple 2D games, like Flappy Bird.
  • Anything you do not know can be found on google.
  • These video tutorials series on youtube are very helpful.
  • What has been learned, applied immediately, and exploited its potential by thinking of other uses. This training for thinking – an important pole for the programmer.
  • Some of the links I found were helpful.

After finishing that game, I thought about my own ideas and made quite a lot of 2d games. That time is an unforgettable memory for me, with the night until 2.3 am to debug. The unity of the world is so vast that it can make programmers forget to eat and forget to sleep.

6. My job

I get to know a lot of new friends, with the same passion. We from everywhere, every religion… but have the same point: Games. I invite my friends to make a game. Unfortunately, for some reason we disbanded. Although still in touch with each other, we did not find a common ground in gaming. And then I realized: Teamwork is very important.



A very important lesson I noticed: choose the team to work.

But it will be “terrible” if you alone do everything: drawing, code, idea and marketing…

Then, in a surfing group “Dan Lam Game”, I get to know a brother who is ahead. And after many conversations, I joined his company as a freelancer. That company is Green Fish Studio.

7. I myself now

Currently, besides working at Greenfish Studio, I’m working part time as writing this blog.

Also, I’m still learning myself by learning more about AI and 3D unity. And you will see, the road to making the game is hard, but there is no lack of happiness.

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