Snail Bob 2 Review



Developed by Hunter Hamster, Snail Bob 2 is a Platform, Snail, Adventure, and Puzzle video game. This game is the next installment after the release of Snail Bob 1. Following the success of Snail Bob 1, Snail Bob 2 brings in the familiar gameplay with amazing new upgrades in both the difficulty and the in-game types of equipment.

The game features Snail Bob, a funny Snail who is on his adventure to his grandpa’s birthday party. To spend time with grandpa on his special day, Snail Bob must surpass a dangerous journey through the wood of traps and deadly animals. You will have to 20+ levels of the game, and each one is made of a tricky stage. In the first few chapters of the game, Snail Bob gives you the detail instruction on how to cope with the obstacles. The common goal in every level of Snail Bob is reaching the exit gate, which is located at a wooden log.

The most interesting about Snail Bob 2 is the set of various Puzzles that the player has to face up to advance further in the game. Snail Bob 2 has the player interacting with the screen using the mouse cursor, as almost everything on the screen is interactable. The developer of the game was a genius when he designed the stages of Snail Bob 2, as the background of each level in the game is perfectly touched. There are lots of pretty thoughts brought into the design of Snail Bob, as the graphics of the game are clear and crisp. If you are a tough player, then you will even notice that the action and movement in the game are quite smooth.

The storyline of Snail Bob 2 is pretty connected to the order of the levels in the game, and you will always know what to do next in the upcoming levels of the game. However, the fact that the levels have connections doesn’t mean that Snail Bob 2 is tired and bored. In fact, the journey of Snail Bob 2 is filled with the funniest jokes in the world to ensure that you won’t get bored while you are conquering the Puzzles in the game.

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Snail Bob 2 has three separated game sessions, which are The Forest, Fantasy, and Island. As you may notice, each session in the game has an individual aesthetic and unique mechanics. You are free to explore the game world the way they want in any session without following in-game instructions. We all know that you don’t have to win anyway when you get to play Snail Bob 2. The game world if a wide place for you to explore, and nothing can limit your creativeness while chasing your greatness.

In conclusion

Snail Bob 2 is an amazing video game to play this weekend. The fact that this video game fits all ages is undeniable. Let’s have yourself some Snail Bob 2 now!

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